Concept of the logo


A stupa is a hemispherical structure enshrining the remains of Lord Buddha that are used as a place of Buddhist ritual. The Stupa in the logo represents our cultural heritage. Sri Lanka has the largest Stupa in the world, Jethawanaramaya which is the third biggest manmade gigantic structure in the ancient world. Please note that most of the Pyramids in Egypt are smaller than these stupas. During the excursion to the ancient city of Anuradhapura, you can see a large number of stupas.

Stone Post near stupas

Usually, the small stupa is covered with a roof and the building is called Chethiyagara. Stone posts are the ruined structures of Chethiyagara.


The elephant represents the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka. Note that Sri Lankan elephant is a subspecies and a tusker carries the casket with the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha during perahera pageant.

Coconut trees and and sea waves

Coconut trees and sea waves represent the pleasantness of the sandy beaches of Sri Lanka.