Seventh day of the IAO

The 7th day of IAO 2018 is dedicated to visiting the ancient city of Anuradhapura. The tour starts with an early breakfast in the hotel. The first stop was Ranmasu Uyana (Royal garden) to witness the Stargate of Sri Lankan is called “sakwala chakraya” which is a stone carving, and this has similar features of stargates at Peru and at Abu Ghurab in Egypt. Then the participant experience of scenic beauty Thisa wawa a manmade reservoir situated next to the Ranmasu Uyana. Then the crowd headed towards Dana Salawa an alms hall used to feed over 5000 monks. The next stop was the Abayagiriya Stupa one of the largest manmade structures in the ancient world. The participants had the opportunity to visit Jaya Sri Mahabodiya a sacred fig tree which is the southern branch of the Sri Maha Bodhi at Buddha Gaya in India under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment. The final stop was the Ruwanweli seya another large ancient stupa in Sri Lanka.